From Concept to Completion

We believe architecture, engineering and construction are inseparable, and that applying a thorough understanding of each is critical to the success of any project. By embracing ownership in understanding the constructability and associated risks resulting from the projects we design, we become stronger partners in delivering the outcomes our clients seek. Following is a look at our core construction-related service offerings. Babilonia Engineering Group has an extensive background in conceptualization engineering design, and economical construction feasibility, offering complete coordinated consulting services in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Process Engineering, Architecture and Project Management; for commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical, medical, residential, institutional, educational and recreational projects.

“Our experience has allowed us to save clients, 15% up to 52% of their total energy consumption.”

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering team is aligned to best serve each unique client’s needs. Working closely with project partners, our ample experience enhances our ability to supply innovative and cost-efficient designs across a broad spectrum of applications.

Mechanical Engineering

BEG provides quality mechanical designs due to realistic and in-depth data, and client input. We push the envelope and go far beyond the obvious solutions, to ensure a design that reduces energy consumption and cost.

Structural Engineering

The proper structural design is paramount to safety and a responsibility that our structural engineering professionals pride themselves on. We balance form, function, and sustainability to deliver constructible designs while putting safety first.

LEED® Consulting

Our passion for high-performance building design drives us to meet our client’s needs through a holistic, integrated approach. While our direct client may be the building owner, architect, contractor or facility manager, we invariably serve every team member to ensure the best possible project results.

Architectural Design

We address requirements and constraints with the right mix of analytical thinking, creativity, and artistry — designing to make a statement, conserve natural resources and enrich the human experience.

Construction Management

At BEG, we employ a diverse range of construction professionals with a successful record delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget. This in-house expertise makes us valuable partners to both clients and builders, giving us an intimate understanding of sequence, logistics, material technology, installation requirements and more.

Specialized Project Consulting

We specialize in providing Project Management support and consultation for any or all phases of a project. BEG Project Managers have extensive expertise to support and coordinate the engineering, drafting, data management, construction and inspection activities of any job whether large or small.

Photovoltaic / Renewable Energy

BEG helps a wide array of businesses and government agencies to evaluate the costs and benefits of on-site solar photovoltaic (PV), solar thermal and eolic generation, making renewable a perfect match for long-term energy needs.

Process Design

When our engineers prepare to design a process, from a small piping system to a whole manufacturing suite, we establish a robust design process to provide direction and efficient solutions to a wide array of problems. By working through these steps sequentially, they increase the odds that their concepts will work when built.

An Incredible Range of Services

Our firm has proven leadership on projects from conception through start-up; has worked on all phases of projects that are critical of GMP and FDA, and that impose high technical challenges in terms of clean environments and high purity water and air requirements. BEG also has experience in renewable energy, energy efficient projects). Our personnel takes into consideration installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the equipment specified in our projects.

In-Depth Consulting

We specialize in (but are not limited to):

  • Existing conditions evaluation
  • Project assessment
  • Opinion of probable construction cost
  • Construction documents preparation
  • Custom Assistive Device Design
  • Project supervision
  • Project inspection
  • Permitting
  • LEED® consultant certification
  • Energy consumption evaluation

Pharmaceutical General Experience and Specs

Many of our projects are grass-roots engineering design, procurement, and construction, where others are upgrading installations of a new process into existing facilities. In related areas of pharmaceutical work, our office engineered and prepared design concepts to master plan, conducted cost estimates and time schedules.


As the following descriptions depict, we have designed clean rooms from simpler Class 100,000 to the Complex Class 100, and sterile facilities for many clients. These facilities have used airlocks and pass through rooms, sterilizers employing steam, ultraviolet light, and dry heat. Our designs have specified appropriate walls, floors and ceiling finished, proper light fixtures, and HVAC systems to ensure laminar and conventional flows with the appropriate particulate counts.


Additional experience also includes process and operation under sterile conditions and low levels of sub-micron particulate contamination clean steam systems, and systems to produce deionized sterile and pyrogen-free water, also personnel equipment and material flow patterns which minimize contamination and maintain a clean or aseptic environment.