Process Design

When our engineers prepare to design a process, from a small piping system to a whole manufacturing suite, we establish a robust design process to provide direction and efficient solutions to a wide array of problems. By working through these steps sequentially, they increase the odds that their concepts will work when built. Our comprehensive design team and innovative approach will help by:


  • Identifying the Challenge: We will recognize the heart of any problem in any application and establish constraints placed according to the latest industry standards and best practices.


  • Research and Brainstorming: The BEG team will research all that’s related to the challenge at hand, including in-depth analysis of site conditions, materials available, and similar case studies. Expert insight and deep creativity come together to the drawing board to develop a targeted range of cost-effective solutions.


  • Designing a Customized Solution: Once we’ve settled on an idea to develop, well prepare detailed drawings, engineering plans and performance meetings with the client representative. Our team collaborates with the client and other key shareholders to fine-tune all aspects of the project development and reach a feasible, customized solution.


  • Testing: We will apply rigorous testing to all proposed ideas and prototypes for detailed assessment and adjustment, ensuring compliance and compiling all necessary documentation needed by clients for any of our scalable, fully sustainable solutions.